Prepaid Mobile FAQ

Getting Started

    03. How do I activate my SIM?

Transferring (porting) your number to gotalk prepaid mobile

    04. Can I keep my existing number?
    07. If I'm on a handset contract, can I port my number to gotalk prepaid mobile?
    09. What mobile handsets can I use with my gotalk mobile Service?
    10. My handset seems to be locked – how can I unlock it?

Customer Service

    11. What hours is customer service available?
    12. What Multi-lingual Customer Support is available?

Plans, Rates and Credit Expiry

    13. How long is the credit expiry period?
    16. How much is the flagfall?
    17. Can I change my mobile plan whenever I want?

What services are provided?

    19. How does gotalk voicemail work?

Recharge Balance Check

    21. How Can I Check My Balance?
    22. How Do I Recharge?
    23. Do I need to register my credit card?

How to make calls &SMS

    24. How do I make an international call from my gotalk mobile?
    25. How do I send international SMS?

Lost of Stolen Sim?