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Which type of SIM card do your device need?

There are 3 sizes for SIM cards - Standard, Micro and Nano.

Nano SIM

Most new devices including latest smartphones use a nano sim such as iPhone 6s/ 6s Plus, iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, iPhone 5 / 5s, Samsung Galaxy S6, iPad Pro / Air / Air 2 / mini 2 / mini 4

Micro SIM

For slightly older smartphones and tablets, including: iPhone 4 / 4s, Samsung Galaxy S5 / S5 mini / S4 / S4 Mini / S III / Note 3 / Note 4

Standard SIM

Mainly used in older phones, including: iPhone 3GS, Samsung Galaxy Note / S II / S III Mini / Ace / Ace 2, HTC Desire / LG L70

What types of SIM cards do we offer?

We offer three sizes of SIM. To make the choice easier, we provide triple-punch SIM. The triple-punch SIM combined Standard, Micro and Nano SIM in one card, making it compatible with all mobile phones and tablets.

What do you do when you receive a triple-punch SIM card?

It is important that you know which SIM size your need before you start to press out a 'correct' SIM card.

We recommend to break out the SIM in the following order: Standard, Micro and finally Nano, because you cannot convert the card into the bigger size after you broke the card out.

Always start to break out the Standard SIM first. If you are unsure about the SIM size, you can try if it fits in the card reader. If not, you should proceed with step 2.

Now you should break out the Micro SIM, if it still doesn't fit in the card reader of your device. You should follow step 3.

If the Micro SIM is too large for your device, you should break out the Nano SIM.