Why gotalk Prepaid?

For Seafarers visiting Australia, gotalk prepaid mobile and wireless broadband is your way to stay in touch with friends and family for less!

  • Extremely low mobile rates for International calls and SMS
  • Great value Australian calls and SMS rates
  • Excellent call quality
  • Fast 3G wireless broadband connection
  • No contracts to worry about

Seafarers mobile plan by gotalk

Seafarers wireless broadband by gotalk

Seafarers Straight
Talk Plus
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National rates
Australian landlines(includes call to 1300) 15c / minute + flagfall
Australian mobile 15c / minute + flagfall
Call to 1800 Free
Flagfall 35c / call
SMS 15c / message
Standard 2 minute Australian mobile call 65c
Gotalk to Gotalk Call First 5 minutes:Free
Thereafter:15c /minute + flagfall
Gotalk to Gotalk Flagfall 29c / call
Gotalk to Gotalk SMS 5c / message
Free gotalk to gotalk calling
Call any other gotalk mobile and get the 1st 5min FREE
$5 activation bonus
$2.50 bonus credit on your first 2 recharges
$5 switch to gotalk bonus
Switch to gotalk and get $5 bonus credit when you bring your own number
Additional rates
Data 5c / MB
Video calls $1.00 / minute + flagfall
Voicemail retrieval 15c / minute
International rates See complete rates list
(Plus flagfall-35c per call)
India - mobile 2.5c / minute
India - landline 1.5c / minute
China - mobile 2.5c / minute
China - landline 1.5c / minute
Myanmar - mobile 35c / minute
Myanmar - landline 35c / minute
Philippines - mobile 16c / minute
Philippines - landline 10c / minute
Vietnam - mobile 15c / minute
Vietnam - landline 8c / minute
Indonesia - mobile 11c / minute
Indonesia - landline 9c / minute
Seafarers Wireless
National rates
Rates 2c / MB
Expiry 30 days
Packs $10 / 500 MB
$20 / 1 GB

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