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  • International calls from ½c per minute + 35c flagfall
  • Low rate 24 hour International and National calling
  • Worldwide & national SMS only 15c

Straight Talk Plus National Rates

National Calls
(Includes calls to 1300)
15c per min + flagfall Voicemail Deposit No charge
1800 Calls Free Standard 2 minute Australian mobile call 65c
Calls to Australian Mobiles 15c per min + flagfall Voicemail Retrieval Rates 15c per min
(To National Landlines/Mobile)
35c Video Calls (Australia) $1 per min + flagfall
Text Messages (SMS)
(Includes International)
15c each Calls(Gotalk to Gotalk) First 5 mins: Free
15c per min +flagfall
Picture Messages (MMS)
80c each Flagfall(Gotalk to Gotalk) 29c
3G Data 5c per MB# SMS(Gotalk to Gotalk) 5c each

Straight Talk Plus International Rates

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Destination Rate per minute
Afghanistan 18.5c
Afghanistan Mobile 39c
Afghanistan Mobile Areeba 39c
Albania 18.5c
Albania Mobile 32.5c
Algeria 8c
Algeria - Algiers 8c
Algeria Mobile 37.5c
American Samoa 6.8c
American Samoa Mobile 6.8c
Andorra 6.5c
Andorra Mobile 43c
Angola 18c
Angola Mobile 27.5c
Angola Mobile Movicel 27.5c
Anguilla 32c
Antarctica $1.375
Antigua & Barbuda 24.5c
Antigua & Barbuda Mobile 24.5c
Argentina 4.5c
Argentina - Buenos Aires 4.5c
Argentina - Mendoza 4.5c
Argentina Mobile 18.5c
Armenia 24.5c
Armenia Mobile 24.5c
Armenia - Yerevan 24.5c
Aruba 19c
Aruba Mobile 29c
Ascension Is 88.5c
Austria 4.5c
Austria Mobile 18.5c
Austria - Saltzburg 4.5c
Austria - Vienna 4.5c
Austria + Special Service 18.5c
Azerbaijan 27.5c
Azerbaijan Mobile 35c
Bahamas 6.8c
Bahrain 11.5c
Bahrain Mobile 11.5c
Bangladesh 6c
Bangladesh - Chittagong 6c
Bangladesh - Dhaka 6c
Bangladesh Mobile 9c
Bangladesh - Sylhet 6c
Barbados 22.5c
Belarus 36.5c
Belarus Mobile 42c
Belgium 3.5c
Belgium - Antwerp 3.5c
Belgium - Brussels 3.5c
Belgium Mobile 27.5c
Belize 36.5c
Benin 34.5c
Bermuda 12c
Bhutan 27.5c
Bolivia 7.5c
Bolivia - La Paz 7.5c
Bolivia Mobile 20c
Bosnia & Herzegovina 18.5c
Bosnia & Herzegovina Mobile 37.5c
Botswana 17.5c
Botswana Mobile 34.5c
Brazil 4.5c
Brazil - Bell Horizonte 4.5c
Brazil - Brasilia 4.5c
Brazil Mobile 19.5c
Brazil - Rio de Janeiro 4.5c
Brazil - Sao Paulo 4.5c
Brunei 9.5c
Brunei Mobile 9.5c
Bulgaria 7c
Bulgaria Mobile 49c
Bulgaria - Sofia 7c
Burkina Faso 34.5c
Burundi 69c
Burundi Mobile 69c
Cambodia 1c
Cambodia Mobile 8c
Cambodia - Phnom Penh 1c
Cameroon 9.5c
Cameroon Mobile 37.5c
Canada 1.5c
Canada - Alberta 1.5c
Canada - British Columbia 1.5c
Canada - Ontario 1.5c
Canada - Quebec 1.5c
Canada - Saskatchewan 1.5c
Canada - Yukon & NW Territories 1.5c
Cape Verde 34c
Cayman Is 18.5c
Central African Republic 54c
Chad 33.5c
Chile 4.5c
Chile - Easter Is 4.5c
Chile Mobile 14.5c
Chile - Santiago 4.5c
China 1.5c
China - Beijing 1.5c
China - Fuzhou 1.5c
China - Guangdong 1.5c
China - Guangzhou 1.5c
China Mobile 2.5c
China Mobile Unicom 2.5c
China - Shanghai 1.5c
China - Shenzhen 1.5c
China - Tianjin 1.5c
Colombia 4.5c
Colombia - Baranquilla 4.5c
Colombia - Bogota 4.5c
Colombia - Cali 4.5c
Colombia - Manizales 4.5c
Colombia - Medellin 4.5c
Colombia Mobile 8c
Colombia - Palmira 4.5c
Colombia - Pareira 4.5c
Comoros 7c
Comoros Mobile 7c
Congo 47.5c
Congo Mobile 40c
Congo (DRC) 9.5c
Congo (DRC) Mobile 40c
Cook Is 97.5c
Cook Is Mobile 97.5c
Costa Rica 5.5c
Costa Rica Mobile 7.7c
Croatia 15c
Croatia Mobile 30c
Croatia - Zagreb 2.5c
Cuba $1.39
Cuba - Guantanamo $1.39
Cuba - Havana $1.39
Cyprus 7.7c
Cyprus Mobile 7.7c
Czech Republic 1.5c
Czech Republic Mobile 23.5c
Czech Republic - Prague 1.5c
Denmark 2.5c
Denmark - Copenhagen 2.5c
Denmark Mobile 27.5c
Diego Garcia $1.385
Djibouti 37.5c
Djibouti Mobile 37.5c
Djibouti Mobile DJT 37.5c
Djibouti Mobile Evatis 37.5c
Dominica 30.5c
Dominican Republic 1.9c
East Timor 67.5c
East Timor Mobile 80c
Ecuador 18c
Ecuador Mobile 27.5c
Ecuador - Quito 18c
Egypt 2c
Egypt - Cairo 2c
Egypt Mobile 9c
El Salvador 24.5c
El Salvador Mobile 24.5c
Equatorial Guinea 40c
Eritrea 40c
Eritrea - Asmara 40c
Estonia 5c
Estonia Mobile 28.5c
Ethiopia 27.5c
Ethiopia - Addis Ababa 27.5c
Ethiopia Mobile 38.5c
Falkland Is 89c
Faroe Is 32c
Fiji 34.5c
Fiji Mobile 34.5c
Finland 1c
Finland - Helsinki 1c
Finland Mobile 7c
Finland + Special Service 7c
France 1c
France - Bordeaux 1c
France Mobile 8c
France - Nice 1c
France - Paris 1c
French Guiana 14c
French Guiana Mobile 38c
French Polynesia 60c
French Polynesia Mobile 27.5c
Gabon 37.5c
Gabon Mobile 37.5c
Gambia 46.5c
Gambia Mobile 46.5c
Georgia 7.2c
Georgia Mobile 13.5c
Georgia - Tbilisi 7.2c
Germany 1c
Germany - Berlin 1c
Germany - Bonn 1c
Germany - Dusseldorf 1c
Germany - Frankfurt 1c
Germany - Hamburg 1c
Germany - Hannover 1c
Germany - Mannheim 1c
Germany Mobile 15c
Germany - Munich 1c
Germany - Nuremberg 1c
Germany - Stuttgart 1c
Germany + Special Service 17.5c
Ghana 28.5c
Ghana - Accra 28.5c
Ghana - Kumasi 28.5c
Ghana Mobile 42c
Gibraltar 6.5c
Gibraltar Mobile 43c
Greece 1c
Greece - Athens 1c
Greece Mobile 9c
Greece Mobile Cosmote 9c
Greece - Thessaloniki 1c
Greenland 97.5c
Greenland Mobile 97.5c
Grenada 22.5c
Guadeloupe 11c
Guadeloupe Mobile 38c
Guam 5.5c
Guam Mobile 5.5c
Guatemala 19c
Guatemala Mobile 19c
Guinea Bissau 33.5c
Guinea Bissau Mobile 47.5c
Guinea Republic 58.5c
Guinea Republic Mobile 47.5c
Guinea Republic Mobile Intercel 47.5c
Guyana 30c
Guyana Mobile 36.5c
Haiti 29c
Haiti Mobile 29c
Honduras 32c
Honduras Mobile 32c
Hong Kong 2c
Hong Kong Mobile 4c
Hungary 1.5c
Hungary - Budapest 1.5c
Hungary Mobile 26.5c
Iceland 5.5c
Iceland Mobile 32c
India 1.5c
India - Ahmedabad 1.5c
India - Bangalore 1.5c
India - Calcutta 1.5c
India - Chennai 1.5c
India - Gujarat 1.5c
India - Hyderabad 1.5c
India Mobile 2.5c
India Mobile BSNL 2.5c
India - Mumbai 1.5c
India - New Delhi 1.5c
India - Tamil Nadu 1.5c
Indonesia 7c
Indonesia - Bandung 7c
Indonesia - Batam 7c
Indonesia - Jakarta 7c
Indonesia Mobile 9c
Indonesia Mobile Excelcom 9c
Indonesia Mobile Indosat 9c
Indonesia Mobile Telkomsel 9c
Inmarsat - All Breakouts $18.80
Iran 9c
Iran Mobile 7c
Iran - Tehran 5c
Iraq 14.5c
Iraq - Baghdad 14.5c
Iraq Mobile 55.2c
Ireland 1.5c
Ireland - Dublin 1.5c
Ireland Mobile 9c
Israel 6c
Israel - Jerusalem 6c
Israel Mobile 16c
Israel - Tel Aviv 6c
Italy 1c
Italy - Milan 1c
Italy Mobile 9c
Italy - Rome 1c
Ivory Coast 34.5c
Ivory Coast Mobile 34.5c
Jamaica 17.5c
Japan 4c
Japan Mobile 15c
Japan - Nagoya 4c
Japan - Osaka 4c
Japan - Tokyo 4c
Japan - Yokohama 4c
Jordan 6.8c
Jordan - Amman 6.8c
Jordan Mobile 17.5c
Jordan Mobile Fastlink 17.5c
Jordan Mobile Xpress 17.5c
Kazakhstan 18c
Kazakhstan - Almaty 18c
Kazakhstan Mobile 18c
Kenya 7.7c
Kenya Mobile 14.5c
Kenya - Nairobi 7.7c
Kiribati 97.5c
Kiribati Mobile 97.5c
Korea North 89c
Korea South 3c
Korea South Mobile 4.5c
Korea South - Seoul 0.5c
Kosovo Mobile $1.485
Kuwait 6c
Kuwait Mobile 20c
Kyrgyzstan 16c
Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek 16c
Kyrgyzstan Mobile 9.5c
Laos 7.2c
Laos - Vientiane 7.2c
Laos Mobile 12c
Latvia 6c
Latvia Mobile 27.5c
Lebanon 15c
Lebanon - Beirut 15c
Lebanon Mobile 28c
Lesotho 24.5c
Liberia 48.5c
Liberia Mobile 48.5c
Libya 22.5c
Libya Mobile 42.5c
Liechtenstein 14c
Liechtenstein Mobile 7.5c
Lithuania 3.5c
Lithuania Mobile 18.5c
Luxembourg 1.5c
Luxembourg Mobile 32c
Macau 5.5c
Macau Mobile 7.7c
Macedonia 9.5c
Macedonia Mobile 34.5c
Macedonia - Skopje 8.6c
Madagascar 30c
Madagascar Mobile 37.5c
Madagascar + Special Service 30c
Malawi 18.5c
Malawi Mobile Celtel 30c
Malawi Mobile TNML 30c
Malaysia 3c
Malaysia - Johor 3c
Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur 3c
Malaysia Mobile 5.5c
Malaysia Mobile Celcom 5.5c
Malaysia - Penang 3c
Malaysia - Sabah & Sarawak 3c
Malaysia - Terengganu & Kelantan 3c
Malaysia Mobile Digi 5.5c
Maldives 67.5c
Maldives Mobile Dhiraagu 67.5c
Maldives Mobile Wataniya 67.5c
Mali 32.5c
Mali - Bamako 32.5c
Mali Mobile 32.5c
Malta 5.5c
Malta Mobile 32c
Malta Mobile GO 32c
Malta Mobile Vodafone 32c
Malta Mobile 3G 32c
Mariana Is 9.5c
Mariana Is Mobile 9.5c
Marshall Is 48c
Martinique 6c
Martinique Mobile 36.5c
Mauritania 32.5c
Mauritania Mobile Mattel 15c
Mauritania Mobile Mauritel 15c
Mauritius 18c
Mayotte 39c
Mayotte Mobile 54c
Mexico 5c
Mexico - Guadalajara 5c
Mexico - Mexico City 5c
Mexico Mobile 18c
Mexico - Monterrey 5c
Micronesia 37.5c
Micronesia Mobile 37.5c
Moldova 18c
Moldova - Chisinau 18c
Moldova Mobile 18.5c
Monaco 6.5c
Monaco Mobile 32c
Mongolia 13c
Mongolia Mobile 13c
Montenegro 22.5c
Montenegro Mobile 37.5c
Montenegro Mobile Tmobile 37.5c
Montserrat 24c
Morocco 28.5c
Morocco - Casablanca 28.5c
Morocco Mobile 50c
Mozambique 14c
Mozambique - Maputo 14c
Mozambique Mobile 45c
Myanmar 35c
Myanmar Mobile 35c
Namibia 18c
Namibia Mobile 27.5c
Nauru 99c
Nepal 9c
Nepal - Kathmandu 9c
Nepal Mobile 15c
Netherlands 2.5c
Netherlands - Amsterdam 2.5c
Netherlands Mobile 13c
Netherlands - Rotterdam 2.5c
Netherlands Antilles 13c
New Caledonia 40.5c
New Zealand 3c
New Zealand - Auckland 3c
New Zealand Mobile 15c
New Zealand - Wellington 3c
New Zealand + Special Service 3c
Nicaragua 37.5c
Nicaragua Mobile 37.5c
Niger 9.5c
Niger Mobile 25.5c
Nigeria 4.5c
Nigeria - Lagos 4.5c
Nigeria Mobile 15c
Niue Is 97.5c
Norfolk Is $1.385
Norway 5.5c
Norway Mobile 30c
Norway - Oslo 5.5c
Oman 14c
Oman Mobile 27.5c
Pakistan 30c
Pakistan - Islamabad 18.5c
Pakistan - Karachi 18.5c
Pakistan - Lahore 18.5c
Pakistan Mobile 18.5c
Palau 43.5c
Palestine 27.5c
Panama 6.3c
Panama Mobile 18c
Panama - Panama City 6.3c
Papua New Guinea 78.5c
Papua New Guinea Mobile Digicel $1
Paraguay 14c
Paraguay - Asuncion 14c
Paraguay Mobile 14c
Peru 6.3c
Peru - Lima 6.3c
Peru Mobile 18.5c
Philippines 9.9c
Philippines - Manila 9.9c
Philippines Mobile 15.9c
Philippines Mobile Digitel 15.9c
Philippines Mobile GLOBE 15.9c
Philippines Mobile Smart 15.9c
Poland 1.9c
Poland Mobile 8c
Poland - Warsaw 1.9c
Portugal 1c
Portugal - Lisbon 1c
Portugal - Madiera 1c
Portugal Mobile 9c
Portugal - Oporto 1c
Puerto Rico 2.5c
Qatar 17c
Qatar Mobile 26.5c
Reunion 7.7c
Reunion Mobile 37.5c
Romania 1c
Romania - Bucharest 1c
Romania Mobile 9c
Romania + Special Service 1c
Russia 9c
Russia Mobile 15c
Russia - Moscow 9c
Russia - St Petersburg 9c
Rwanda 24.5c
Rwanda Mobile 60c
Samoa 68.5c
Samoa Mobile 90c
Samoa Mobile Samoatel 90c
San Marino 6.5c
San Marino Mobile 14c
Sao Mobile $1.39
Sao Tome & Principe $1.385
Satellite Networks $7.495
Saudi Arabia 8.6c
Saudi Arabia - Dhahran 8.6c
Saudi Arabia - Jeddah 8.6c
Saudi Arabia Mobile 21.5c
Saudi Arabia - Riyadh 8.6c
Senegal 37.5c
Senegal - Dakar 37.5c
Senegal Mobile 40c
Senegal Mobile Sentel 40c
Serbia 20c
Serbia - Belgrade 16.5c
Serbia Mobile 35.5c
Serbia Montenegro 16.5c
Seychelles 49c
Seychelles Mobile 19c
Seychelles + Special Service 19c
Sierra Leone 45.5c
Sierra Leone Mobile 75c
Singapore 1.5c
Singapore Mobile 3c
Slovak Mobile Telefonica 25.5c
Slovak Republic 4.5c
Slovak Republic - Bratislava 4.5c
Slovak Republic Mobile 25.5c
Slovenia 4.5c
Slovenia Mobile 41.5c
Solomon Is $1.28
Solomon Is Mobile $1.275
Somalia 67.5c
South Africa 5.5c
South Africa - Capetown 5.5c
South Africa - Durban 5.5c
South Africa - Johannesburg 5.5c
South Africa Mobile 20c
Spain 2c
Spain - Barcelona 2c
Spain - Madrid 2c
Spain Mobile 14.5c
Sri Lanka 19.9c
Sri Lanka Mobile 24.9c
St Helena 74c
St Helena + Special Service 74c
St Kitts & Nevis 32c
St Lucia 18c
St Pierre & Miquelon 38c
St Pierre & Miquelon Mobile 38c
St Vincent & The Grenadines 30.5c
Sudan 19c
Sudan Mobile 24.5c
Sudan Mobile Mobitel 24.5c
Suriname 31.5c
Swaziland 20.5c
Swaziland Mobile 20.5c
Sweden 4c
Sweden Mobile 20c
Sweden - Stockholm 4c
Switzerland 4c
Switzerland - Geneva 4c
Switzerland - Lausanne 4c
Switzerland Mobile 20c
Switzerland - St Gallen 4c
Switzerland - Zurich 4c
Switzerland + Special Service 4c
Syria 19.5c
Syria - Damascus 19.5c
Syria Mobile 26.5c
Taiwan 4c
Taiwan Mobile 18c
Taiwan - Taipei 4c
Tajikistan 13c
Tajikistan Mobile 17c
Tanzania 21.5c
Tanzania - Dar Es Salaam 21.5c
Tanzania Mobile 34.5c
Thailand 1c
Thailand - Bangkok 2c
Thailand Mobile 4c
Togo 45c
Togo Mobile 49c
Tokelau 98c
Tonga 48.5c
Trinidad & Tobago 18c
Trinidad & Tobago Mobile 18c
Tunisia 27.5c
Tunisia Mobile 47.5c
Tunisia - Tunis 27.5c
Turkey 2.5c
Turkey - Adana 2.5c
Turkey - Ankara 9c
Turkey - Antalya 2.5c
Turkey - Bursa 2.5c
Turkey - Istanbul 2.5c
Turkey - Izmir 2.5c
Turkey Mobile 28c
Turkmenistan 15c
Turkmenistan Mobile 15c
Turks & Caicos 32c
Tuvalu 98c
Uganda 8.5c
Uganda Mobile 35c
UK 3c
UK - Edinburgh 3c
UK - London 3c
UK - Manchester 3c
UK Mobile 15c
UK + Special Service 15c
Ukraine 15c
Ukraine - Kiev 15c
Ukraine Mobile 30c
United Arab Emirates 15.5c
United Arab Emirates Mobile 30c
Uruguay 9.5c
Uruguay Mobile 21.5c
Uruguay - Montevideo 9.5c
USA 3c
USA - Alaska 5c
USA - Hawaii 3c
USA - Washington 3c
Uzbekistan 14c
Uzbekistan Mobile 14c
Vanuatu 57.5c
Venezuela 4.5c
Venezuela - Caracas 4.5c
Venezuela - Maracaibo 4.5c
Venezuela Mobile 14.5c
Venezuela - Valencia 4.5c
Vietnam 8c
Vietnam - Danang 8c
Vietnam - Hanoi 8c
Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh 8c
Vietnam Mobile 15c
Vietnam Mobile Viettel 15c
Virgin Is (British) 12c
Virgin Is (USA) 6.8c
Wallis & Futuna 97.5c
Yemen 17c
Yemen Mobile 22.5c
Zambia 9.5c
Zambia Mobile 29c
Zimbabwe 32c
Zimbabwe - Harare 28.5c
Zimbabwe Mobile 45c
Zimbabwe Mobile Econet 45c


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