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Important Announcement: Vodafone’s 3G Network Redirect to 4G. Click here for more details.×

    Prepaid Mobile

  • International calls from
    0c per minute + 30c flagfall

    FREE delivery

  • Learn more
30-day plan with Unlimited National Talk & Text, plus 2GB or 4GB data
  • No lock-in contract
  • No bill shock

    Wireless Broadband

  • BYO,mobile,tablet,laptop or modem

    Low cost data from 1c/MB

    Recharge as low as $10

    No lock in contract

    FREE delivery

  • Learn more

    Easy Way to Monitor Your Account!

  • To check your credit balance

    To know your remaining data usage

    Simply text ‘bal’ to 126 468

About your SIM card

What SIM size?

What is triple punch SIM card?

  • Bonus credit for online activation
  • 100% secure
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